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Here's our guide to some of Oaxaca's most top notch places to eat.

Oaxaca Restaurant Listings: Traditional Oaxaqueñan Cuisine

Oaxaca restaurant

Doña Elpidia
For affordable, classic, home cooked munch head to this little gem of a restaurant.
Address: C/ Miguel Cabrera 413 (Outside Oaxaca City Centre)
Tel: 01 (951) 516 4292

El Biche Pobre
Only open at lunch time, this family run locale is great for sampling food made just like your Oaxaqueñan granny used to...
Address: Calzada de la República 600 (Outside Oaxaca City Centre)
Tel: 01 (951) 513 4636

El Asador Vasco
Popular choice for regional favourites overlooking the Zócalo.
Address: Portal de Flores 10A, Oaxaca Zócalo.
Tel: 01 (951) 514 4755

Some of the best places to try traditonal fare on the cheap is in Oaxaca's Markets. There are lots to choose from too - click on the link to find out more.

Oaxaca Restaurant Listings: Contemporary Cuisine

If you're willing to spend a bit more and fancy sampling what some of Oaxaca's top chefs are up to, make sure you visit at least one of these incredible restaurants:

El Naranjo
Situated on one of Oaxaca's busiest restaurant roads, this place is well known and loved by many a food critic. The chef, Iliana de la Vega, concocts a special 'Mole of the Day' and also serves up inspiring cookery courses.
Address: Trujano 203 (Oaxaca Zócalo)
Tel: 01 (951) 514 1878

Casa Oaxaca
A beautifully designed hotel and restaurant with savvy recipes and original takes on traditional favourites. In-house Chef, Alejandro, also gives cooking classes and market tours.
Address: García Vigil 407 (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)
Tel: 01 (951) 514 4173

Oaxaca Restaurant Listings: Other Cuisine

Marco Polo
An all time favourite for beautifully prepared fish, Oaxaca's best seafood restaurant now has two branches. The Zócalo brach is more easily accesible whilst at Pino Suárez there is a beautiful garden to dine in.
Address: Calle 5 de Mayo (Oaxaca Zócalo) / Pino Suárez 806 (Outside Oaxaca City Centre)
Tel: '1 (951) 514 4360

El Manantial Vegetariano
This lovely restaurant has interesting vegetarian cuisine and is well worth investigating.
Address: Tinoco y Palacios 303 (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)
Tel: 01 (951)514 5602

If you've overeaten and are in need of some light, healthy bites then head to this heavenly place. Fresh juices, salads, muesli and smoothies will get you feeling detoxified.
Address: Plaza de las Vírgenes (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)

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