Architecture in Oaxaca is a wonderful eclectic showcase of architectural styles through the ages. Just walking around the streets you can spy a veritable aesthetic feast of buildings ranging from the pre-hispanic era to contemporary design. Archeological site Monte Albán along with Oaxaca's historic centre including the Zócalo were named UNESCO world heritage sites in 1987 ensuring their protection and raising their profile as points of international interest. Several of the buildings surrounding the Zócalo were damaged during the 2006 Oaxaca Protests, however, a careful restoration process has been in place to remove graffiti and clean up any mess.

Oaxaca architecture

As in many locations in Mexico, architecture in Oaxaca is frequently tested in the face of earthquakes. For this reason, many old buildings have undergone large amounts of restoration or have been rebuilt entirely, those that have stood the test of time are often noticeable for their sturdy looking stone exteriors and extra thick walls, one prime example being the Oaxaca Cathedral (see Oaxaca Zócalo Tourism for more information).

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