One of the things you will become acutely aware of when travelling around Mexico is that Oaxaca cuisine is not only praised on a national level, but also an international one. Food critics rant and rave about the delicious flavour combinations and visitors are seduced by the delightful aromas that waft from kitchens, restaurants, markets and street vendors stalls.

Oaxaca cuisine

I think what is so special aout Oaxaca cuisine is that much of it is unique to the region. Whilst you can still find quesadillas in abundance, the sophistication of Oaxaca cuisine takes eating and drinking to another level - they are even responsible for producing an alternative tipple to Tequila and chocolate so perfect that a galaxy will no longer suffice as a sugar fix..

Many people choose to learn how to cook Oaxaca cuisine and there are now lots of courses on offer for budding chefs. But even if you don't fancy getting into the kitchen, you will still be spoilt for choice and in need of more time to sample all the scrumptious delicacies on offer in Oaxaca.

Oaxaca cuisine will, without a doubt, be the gastronomical highlight of your time in Mexico, so get clicking on the links below and find out more!

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