Once the sun sets over Oaxaca there are a whole host of exciting things to do in the city by night. Things start late and tend to go on pretty late too so the most important thing is to clock on to the Oaxaqueñan way of life so you can keep up with the locals!

Oaxaca theatre

The city focal point, the Oaxaca Zócalo is generally considered an evening meeting place for friends and families. There is always a buzzing atmosphere around this central plaza and traditional live music is often played in the evenings which makes the atmosphere really special. Once you have soaked up enough of the Zócalo's magic, check out our other Oaxaca Nightlife listings to see what's on offer...

Eating in Oaxaca

Oaxaca is home to excellent food so you will want to make the most of the exquisite eateries dotted all over the city. See our Oaxaca Restaurants page for more information.

Theatre and Film in Oaxaca

Teatro Macedonio Alcalá
A busy performance calendar at this beautiful theatre
Address: Independencia 900 (Oaxaca Zócalo)
Tel: 01 (951) 514 6989

Centro Cultural Ricardo Flores
All kinds of cultural performances can be seen at this cultural centre
Address: Alcalá 302 (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)

Casa de la Cultura Oaxaqueña
Cultural centre with a constantly changing program
Address: González Ortega 403 (Outside Oaxaca City Centre)

Cine El Pochote
Arthouse cinema screening experimental and classic movies. International films are shown with Spanish subtitles.
Address: García Vigil 817 (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)

El Salon Central
Artsy bar with film showings on Wednesday nights plus live music and art exhibitions throughout the week
Address: Hidalgo 302 (Oaxaca Zócalo)

Live Music in Oaxaca

In case you miss the real Oaxaca Guelaguetza in July, you can watch renactments at the following places:

Casa de Cantera
Nightly colourful Guelaguetza shows
Address: Murguia 413 (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)
Tel: 01 (951) 514 7585

Hotel Monte Albán
Excellent shows every night in this city centre hotel
Address: Alameda de León 1 (Oaxaca Zócalo)
Tel: 01 (951)

Camino Real Hotel
A classy affair where an extravagant show comes complete with evening meal. Only on Friday nights.
Adress: 5 de Mayo 300 (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)

For other styles of live music...

A Oaxaca old-timer, this stunning bar-restaurant is set in a lovely old colonial house a couple of blocks east from Santo Domingo. Pumping salsa and merengue bands get the place going from Thursday to Saturday. The rest of the week you are more likely to hear chilled out jazz.
Address: Murguia 413 (Outside City Centre)

Bars and Clubs in Oaxaca

Oaxaca disco

Latin music club that sometimes features live bands
Address: Porfirio Diaz (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)

El Salon Central
Arty club which is an original, innovative place where you can admire local art exhibitions, live music and film screening before partying to a good misture of music with a laid back vibe till the small hours.
Address: Hidalgo 302 (Oaxaca Zócalo)

Cool, jazzy, chilled out bar with a bohemian feel to it.
Address: 5 de Mayo 210 (Santo Domingo Oaxaca)

Around Santo Domingo you will find a whole host of good bars and clubs, some of the most popular include rocky La Divina, Bar Borgo and Freebar.

Similarly, the streets surrounding Oaxaca's markets (south from the Zócalo) are a hive of activity at nighttime, so take a wander and see what takes your fancy. The Casa de Mezcal (Miguel Cabrera) is a good place to begin if you really want to get into the Oaxqueñan spirit of things...

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