Oaxaca is nationally renowned as Mexico's hottest spot for delectable gourmet delights. Whether it's traditional home cooking or contemporary takes on old favourites you fancy getting your teeth into, Oaxaca restaurants have it all! So knife and fork at the ready - get set to tuck into some tasty treats that that'll get those tastebuds tingling!

Oaxaca meal

Traditional Oaxaca cuisine is famous for fusing together unusual flavours that makes for an exquisite eating experience. The list of famous Mole sauces which exist is so extensive that it requires it's own menu! And then we get to the actual food... in addition to Mexican classics like tamales and empanadas, goat, chicken and grasshoppers are also popular ingredients in Oaxaca food. Whilst pizza and pasta is not so easy to find, if you want to venture away from the more typical dishes then there are a number of good seafood restaurants as well as vegetarian eateries to sample.

Restaurants are by no means in short supply in Oaxaca, the harder task will be deciding where to choose. Be sure to ask around and take advice from the locals to make sure you get the most from your Oaxaca dining experience. We've listed a few favourite Oaxaca Restaurants to get you started.... Happy eating!

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