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Oaxaca cookeryDue to the high quality of Oaxaca's gastronomy, it has become increasingly popular for people to take a cookery course in Oaxaca. There are many different options available for the budding chef as well as for professional cooks looking to branch out into a different type of regional cooking. Courses can run for one day during which the group prepares a meal before sitting down to eat it, several day where your skills can be honed a little more, or entire cooking holidays with different expert Oaxacan chefs. Whatever you choose to do, a cookery course in Oaxaca is a sure way to understand the mouthwatering subtleties of traditional Oaxaca food.

Check out our list of cookery courses in Oaxaca to see find what suits you best:

Casa Crespo
One day cookery classes in attractive Oaxaca B&B

Casa de Mis Recuerdos
Beautiful B&B with one day classes or cooking and culture package deals

Casa Oaxaca
Chef at one of the city's finest restaurants gives classes and tours round Oaxaca's fabulous food markets.

El Naranjo
Chef at one of the best Oaxaca Restaurants, Iliana de la Vega, also gives away her secrets in cookery classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Seasons of my heart
Beautiful cookery school in the Valles Centrales offers day, half-day and long weekend cooking courses.

Taste of Oaxaca
Week long cookery holidays plus cultural activities

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