Whether you're after a refreshingly fruity delight or a potent alcoholic tipple, there are plenty of different Oaxaca drinks to try during your stay so sit back, relax and get tasting!

Oaxaca drinks

Oaxaca Drinks: Non-Alcoholic

Coffee is at its best in Oaxaca and you should grab any opportunity to sample a cup of rich Oaxaca cultivated café. The downside is that many restaurants serve tourists weaker versions or instant coffee but look out for places serving fresh coffee - you'll smell it a mile off!

Chocolate - If you don't fancy coffee but need warming up, go for a steaming cup of hot chocolate made from delicious Oaxaca chocolate. Smooth and perfectly flavoured with hints of almond, cinnamon or vanilla, Oaxaca chocolate is rated amongst the world's best - check out the Oaxaca Food page for more information.

Tejate - Characteristic of Oaxaca, Tejate has an unusual taste and is made from a whole host of local ingredients including corn, seeds, rosita flowers and cacao beans. This traditional Oaxacan drink can be seen being made in the markets where the ingredients get beaten together and are then served very cold in a traditional Tejate cup, a 'jícara'. The flavour of Tejate is hard to describe as it is so unique but it's definitely worth a try!

Aguas - Traditional water mixed with fresh fruit juice makes a refreshing drink to sip in the summer months.

Tuna - Not referring to the fish but the juice from the pricly pear cactus, tuna has an unusual and sweet taste to it and is very popular among Oaxaqueños.

Oaxaca Drinks: Alcoholic

Mezcal - Tequila's husky little sister comes from Oaxaca. This potent drink ought to be drunk with extreme care - hangovers can be lethal! Made from a species of the Agave cactus called Espadin, the clear but deadly Oaxacan drink certainly packs a punch and traditionally contains a worm in the bottle. Ingredients are roasted which gives it its smoky flavour. It is often served with a strong paste of salt, dried chillies and maguey worms.

Beer - Oaxaca has some great beers and you should definitely try a Michelada. This typical beer based beverage is served in a salted glass with lime juice and spicy sauce mixed in - certainly has a kick to it!

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