When it comes to our student accommodations, we understand that having a safe, pleasant and reliable place to temporarily call "home" is a major factor in having a positive experience abroad.

We place a great deal of importance upon our students' comfort, which is why our participating Oaxaca host families must pass a strict approval process before students step through the door. This approval process has proven to be extremely effective over the years, and to ensure continued quality, we continue to monitor all Oaxaca lodging before, during and after each student's stay.

Below you can get some basic background information about our student lodging options in Oaxaca. For more detailed information about Oaxaca lodging characteristics, prices, etc., please visit our website - Spanish school in Oaxaca - or click on the links below

Host Families in Oaxaca

A majority of students choose to stay with local host families; it's our only most option in Oaxaca and with good reason! Local Mexican families, who never live more than 20 minutes from the school, provide an authentic Spanish-speaking environment in which students can constantly practice the skills they learn in class. It's an ideal situation for full immersion in the language, culture and day-to-day activities.

Room: single or double
Meal plan:
breakfast only or half board
More information: host family details & prices

Student Residence in Oaxaca

Staying in a student residence is a great way to meet new people from around the world and practice your new Spanish skills together. The residence offers everything that the student needs during their stay.

Room: single or double (double only for 2 students traveling together)
Meal plan:
bed & breakfast

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