If you fancy splashing out a little more then you will find a whole host of hotels in Oaxaca to choose from. Many have great city centre locations and are housed in beautiful old colonial buildings, making the most of Oaxaca's architecture. Hotel rooms can range in price from USD$50 up to plus $300 depending on facilities, type of room and how much luxury you're after. Check out our list of hotels in Oaxaca to find your perfect city accommodation - our listings go from the cheapest to the most expensive options.

Oaxaca hotel

Oaxaca Hotels

Hotel Mision San Felipe Oaxaca
Rooms from USD$52/night
Address: Avenida Jalisco 15
Tel: 01 (951) 513 5050

Hotel Gala Oaxaca
Rooms from USD$65/night
Address: Bustamente 103
Tel: 01 (951) 514 2251

Hotel Aitana
Rooms from USD$84/night
Address: Sabino Crespo 313
Tel: 01 (951) 514 3788

Best Western Parador Del Dominico
Rooms from USD $86/night
Address: Pino Suárez 410
Tel: 01 (951) 515 6662

Casa De Sierra Azul
Rooms from USD$95/night
Address: Hidalgo 1002, corner Fiallo
Tel: 01 (951) 514 7171

Casa Bonita
Rooms from USD$133/night
Address: Calle de Catalina 102
Tel: 01 (951) 520 0396

Hotel Victoria
Address: Lomas del Fortin 1
Rooms from USD$134/night
Tel: 01 (951) 515 2633

Hotel Marques Del Valle
Rooms from USD$141/night
Address: Portal de Claveria
Tel: 01 (951) 514 0688

Hacienda Los Laureles (Luxury Spa Hotel)
Rooms from: USD$160/night
Address: Hidalgo 21
Tel: 01 (951) 501 5300

Casa Cid de Leon (Luxury boutique hotel)
Suites from USD$180+
Address: Morelos 602
Tel: 01 (951) 514 1863

Casa Oaxaca (Luxury design hotel and restaurant)
Rooms from USD$180/night
Address: Garcia Vigil 407
Tel: 01 (951) 514 4173

Camino Real Oaxaca (Luxury design hotel)
Rooms from USD$185/night
Address: C/5 de Mayo
Tel: 01 (951) 516 0611

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